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Chemical Grout

Providing you the best range of cera inject ss polyurethane foam grout, cera anchorset grout, cera grout 40 non shrink cementitious grout and cera screed ep lv (pourable) epoxy resin grout with effective & timely delivery.
CERA INJECT SS Polyurethane Foam Grout

CERA INJECT SS Polyurethane Foam Grout

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Product Details:
Applicable AreaFloor
TypePU Foam Grout
Packaging TypeCane
Packaging Size20 Kg
Tensile StrengthGreater than 2 MPa
CERA INJECT SS Polyurethane Foam Grout is a single component, solvent free polyurethane based injection system for sealing and filling of joints, voids and cracks in Civil Engineering structures either under moisture or water bearing conditions.

  • Stops water leakage by injection from negative side
  • Environment friendly
  • Suitable for potable water tanks
  • Sealing and stabilisation of cracks in loose rock areas.
  • Ideal for sealing of leakages in diaphragm walls.

  • CERA INJECT SS when injected forms an effective sealing system which blocks the pores and cavities preventing seepage of water. CERA INJECT SS on contact with water reacts instantaneously and forms an effective compound which blocks the pores and the cracks.

  • CERA INJECT SS helps to seal and stabilize cavities and cracks when used in loose rock and hard rocks.
  • CERA INJECT SS can be used for sealing of sheet pilings, diaphragm walls, tunnel walls and similar structures on ground water bearing conditions.
  • CERA INJECT SS can be used for arresting leakages in water bearing structures, tunnels, basements, cracks, drains and pipe sockets.

Method Of Application:
  • Preparation: Depending upon the conditions of the cracks and joints, which can be assessed by technical inspection, suitable injection packers have to be placed as per the relevant specifications.

  • CERA INJECT SS shall be applied using a suitable injection pump capable of delivering the material at a sufficient pressure. The rate of injection, dilution, and working chambers, etc. will fully depend on the conditions of the cracks and voids. When the injected CERA INJECT SS comes in contact with water, it converts into rigid, closed-cell foam.

  • Density: 1.13±0.01 at 200C
  • Viscosity: 250 cPa.s @ 250C
  • Tensile Strength: >2 MPa.
  • Pot life: 6-8 hours.
  • Reaction time: 40-60 sec.

Note: The reaction time depends on the temperature of the
substrate and the temperature of the product.

Shelf Life:
  • 12 months in sealed containers under normal conditions.
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CERA Anchorset Grout

CERA Anchorset Grout

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Product Brochure

Product Details:
Packaging TypeTin
Packaging Size1 - 6 Liter
Specific Gravity1.85 to 2 gm/cc
Pot Life20 min
CERA Anchorset  Grout is a two component specially formulated polyester resin-based fast setting, high strength, and corrosion resistant grout suitable for anchoring of bolts & bars into concrete,
masonry, rock and metal surfaces.

  • Rapid setting and strength achievement
  • No expansion, no shrinkage
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Resistant to vibration
  • Shorter depth and smaller holes- Reduced drilling costs

  • The polyester resin reacts with hardener to form a quick setting, non-expanding system having extremely high strength, abrasion resistance and chemical resistance.

  • Cera Anchorset is ideal for high speed, high strength anchoring, holding down bolts for machinery, crane rails, railway tracks connected to concrete sleepers etc.
  • Cera Anchorset can be used for rock bed anchors and fixing of marine equipment since it can be used for underwater operations.
  • Cera Anchorset facilitates permanent installation of starterbars, base plates, tower anchors, foundation bolts etc.
  • Cera Anchorset aids in protecting anchored bolts/rods in wet conditions, as in underwater.

Method Of Application:
  • Hole Preparation: Optimum performance of Cera Anchorset requires rough coarse surface, dust free holes, in order to achieve proper anchoring. Use of rotary percussive drills with air or water flushing is recommended.
  • In case of holes drilled on parallel sides, these should be rough enough to provide sufficient key position for anchorage.
  • Bar Preparation: All bars or bolts should be de-greased and rust flakes are to be removed and surface should be roughened before use.
  • Mixing of component A&B should be carried out mechanically until uniform consistency is achieved.
  • Grout has to be placed within the gel time which is dependent on the temperature.
  • Do not add any other substances other than component A & component B.
  • Pour the thoroughly mixed grout in the cleaned hole to half the depth of the hole. Insert the bar / bolt in the hole ensuring that no air is entrapped in the hole. Finish the top of the hole.


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CERA GROUT 40 Non Shrink Cementitious Grout

CERA GROUT 40 Non Shrink Cementitious Grout

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Product Brochure

Product Details:
Packaging TypeHDPE Bags
Packaging25 & 50 Kg
Supply FormPowder
CERA GROUT 40 Non Shrink Cementitious Grout is a high strength non-shrink, pourable / pumpable grout for industrial applications. Premixed, selectively graded components result in a dense, homogenous mix, with excellent strength and dimensional stability.

  • Excellent fluidity for easy placements
  • Accessibility to remote parts of structure
  • One-step grout, Ready to use
  • High early strength and uniform set, minimizes downtime for repairs and maintenance, allows earlier loading
  • Dimensionally stable, needs no special treatment at open ends, capping or edges
  • No bleeding / segregation
  • Densification of material decreases permeability, increases wear resistance
  • Resistant to oils, chemicals etc
  • No efflorescence

  • CERA GROUT 40 develops a slight, but controlled expansion,m beginning at the time of placement, resulting in excellent dimensional stability. It ensures that no major voids are left even in areas that are remotely accessible. Because of its non- shrink characteristics, it remains stable in place without cracking, crumbling or delamination.

  • CERA GROUT 40 can be used for grouting of precast structural members and to joints, dowels, rail posts and sealing bolts, powerline stanchions etc.
  • CERA GROUT 40 compensates for the normal shrinkage of concrete and mortar, absorbs, and minimizes the effects of vibration on foundation.
  • CERA GROUT 40 can be used in machinery bases, structural columns, pumps and accessory bases, anchor bolts, bearing plates, floor grids, crane tracks etc.
  • CERA GROUT 40 is an excellent material for structural concrete repairs.

Recommended Method Of Application:
  • Surface Preparation: All areas to be grouted shall be clean and free of laitance, grease, dirt and contaminants. All loose material shall be removed. In case of repair, the concrete must be hacked back until a sound surface is obtained. All metal components shall be de-rusted and made free of paints or oils.
  • The prepared concrete surface should be saturated before application, with clean water. Remove excess water from voids and holes prior to grouting.

Form Work:
  • For machine and column bases, firm form work should be provided which will allow for rapid and continuous placement of the grout and complete filling of space to be grouted.
  • Support elements should be anchored so that no movement is possible. Removal of formwork should be done only after CERA GROUT 40 has hardened properly.

  • The dry grout should be mixed with recommended amount of water - typically 13.5% -14.5% by weight of grout that is approximately 3.0 – 3.6 liters per bag of 25kgs. The grout shall be added to the water in a container. Quantities which can be placed in about 15-20 minutes only should be mixed at a time. Use mechanical mixer to obtain a consistent mix.
  • Please note: The grout may appear stiff initially, however do not add additional water as it would have a negative influence on the properties mentioned in the catalog. On thorough mixing of the mix for about 10 minutes high workable mix with self- compacting property is obtained.
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Cera Screed Ep Lv (pourable) Epoxy Resin Grout

Cera Screed Ep Lv (pourable) Epoxy Resin Grout

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Product Brochure

Product Details:
Packaging sizeUpto 50 Kg
Packaging TypeBags
ApplicationSteel Surfaces
TypeEpoxy Resin Grout
Coverage Yield / kg0.50 Ltr
CERA SCREED EP LV (Pourable) Epoxy Resin Grout is an epoxy resin grout for structural applications including grouting of machinery foundations, heavy-duty support for crane and rails, machineries subject to heavy and dynamic loads etc and for injection grouting in cracked and porous concrete.

  • Free flowing, self leveling and non-shrink
  • Pourable and injectable
  • Helps in rapid installation and gains high strength
  • Resistant to acids and alkalis
  • Capable of transmitting high stresses
  • Capable of withstanding repetitive dynamic loading
  • High compressive, flexural and tensile strength

  • CERA SCREED EP LV (Pourable) develops a slight but controlled expansion, beginning at the time of placement, resulting in excellent dimensional stability. Because of its non-shrink characteristics, it remains stable in place without cracking, crumbling or delamination.

  • CERA SCREED EP LV (Pourable) is ideally suitable for Jacketing applications.
  • CERA SCREED EP LV (Pourable) is recommended for strengthening the existing concrete elements like columns, beams, foundation members etc.
  • CERA SCREED EP LV (Pourable) can be used as a high strength grout for installation and early commissioning of equipments.
  • CERA SCREED EP LV (Pourable) can be used for filling very small gaps i.e from 0.25mm to 120mm because of its very low viscous nature.
  • CERA SCREED EP LV (Pourable) can also be injected to strengthen cracked and porous concrete.
  • Cera Screed EP LV (Pourable) can serve as a structural repair system along with concrete and steel members.

Method Of Application:
  • Depending on site conditions and specific site requirements, the product will be supplied with modification to help ease in application. Consult Cera-Chem technical cell for specific application procedure.

Surface Preparation:
  • Foundation or concrete surface
  • All surfaces must be free from oil, grease, and laitance
  • remnants of curing compounds or shuttering oil, water and
  • loosely adherent materials. All dust must be cleaned and pit
  • holes, fixing pockets should be blown clear of dirt.
  • Steel Surfaces:
  • All steel surfaces should be made clear of rust and dust. It
  • should be shot blasted to free of flaky mill scales. Cleaned
  • surfaces should be protected using a primer.

Form Work:
  • Formwork provided for CERA SCREED EP LV (Pourable) should be leak proof as the low viscous material can leak out through the gaps if any before it hardens.
  • In case of injection grouting, suitable nipples shall be fixed at frequent intervals and the remaining lengths of cracks and the porous surfaces shall be sealed using Cera Epoxy Putty.
  • CERA SCREED EP LV (Pourable) is compatible with all types of concrete, cement based grouts, polymer modified cement system etc.

  • The following results are tested in lab condition for grout at 35 ± 2°C.
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